Why you should learn Luganda

If you are going to be in Uganda for a while, it is important that you understand the people, not just what they are saying but who they are and language is the key to that. Since Luganda is the most widely spoken local language/dialect, learning it opens you up to interaction with locals across the country.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” – Nelson Mandela.

Like any other language, it’s first and foremost advantage is connection and identifying with a people. So, if you are here for the long haul or just a few months of adventure or work, learning Luganda is a sure sign of interest in the people, especially in the Buganda region. You will find people being highly delighted and impressed by you learning their language. You will even be able to be part of this daily interaction of the people in their usual language environment which is certainly the best way to get to know people and make friends.

About Us

Yiga Oluganda is a set of online resources which promote and help you learn Luganda, the most widely spoken language in Uganda and the official language of the Buganda region (and kingdom). On this website you will find a FREE grammar book, a phrasebook and a Luganda-English dictionary with over 3000 words as well as Ugandan proverbs and memes.

The Story

Leah Sternefeld is a recent learner of Luganda. Originally from Germany and having studied English, Spanish, Latin, Persian, Tajik, Arabic and Urdu, she is very familiar with language structure and grammar. When learning Luganda though, she faced difficulties finding information for learners of Luganda. There is barely any effective resource online for anyone interested in learning the language. Moreover, learning it from learning centres and institutions in Kampala is expansive and only scratches the survice of this rich language . Her decision was to try to learn it directly from native speakers who also speak English, and to document every realization and epiphany about the language’s grammar, structure, sonics and more.

With the help of her friend, Sseguya Francis Nickshere – a native speaker of Luganda, Yiga Oluganda (Learn Luganda) was born. Additional help, especially with English translations and occasional I.T pointers/help, came from Joshua Okello, a Ugandan-born and raised techie.

We hope these resources will be as helpful as we know they are.

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